Thursday, 18 April 2013

Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Dry and Go Drops

When I saw the Sally Hansen Dry and Go drops in my package I did a little happy dance because I have been looking for a miracle "dry in a minute" kind of solution to help minimize drying time when doing manicures. I have gotten to try Yardley's Speed Finish Spray (in the can) and was impressed but felt something was missing and Sally Hansen showed me exactly what that was!
Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Dry and Go Drops RSP R79.95. Available at selected Clicks, Foschini, Edgars, Dis-Chem and Pharmacies.
First off I'd like to tell you that I tested this twice because my first attempt was a 'dear Lord' fail kind of situation. I tried cutting corners by applying the dry and go drops after every single layer, meaning I applied the Dry and Go Drops 4 times per nail (after base coat, first layer, second layer aaand after applying the topcoat) which made a lasagna-like mess. 

I suggest only applying these drops after your final layer has been applied. The solution is quite oily so if you try apply polish afterwards, it will most likely slide off (mine did). This 'oiliness' is phenomenal at providing long lasting shine to your manicure. I was completely blown away at how it finished off my manicure. It shines just as much as gel polish and that is what is lacking from the Yardley Speed Finish Spray. I don't know how they do it but the shine lasts for up to 2 days, even when washing my hands!

As for they drying time, I could touch the surface after 60 second and it was dry. However, after just 20min, I already had a smudge mark on one of my nails. I'm not that surprised really, why do we always think these quick solutions will work 100%. You cannot get something to speed dry your nail polish. That is why Gel and Acrylic manicures were invented. It is just not possible for anything to dry nail polish in seconds without messing with the ridiculously complicated formula.

This is one of the best products I have tried in regards to minimizing drying time for your manicure!
I will post pictures once I do my next manicure ;)

Miss Claira-Bella


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