Tuesday, 9 April 2013

PONDS #BestOfBothWorlds Event

This past Saturday PONDS hosted a very lavish high tea to launch their new BB cream. It was held at the infamous Westcliff Hotel in Joburg, although it was my first time there, I was highly impressed at their service. I was dropped off at the hotel in a beaten up old Toyota Tazz (poor girl right here) yet the doorman still opened the door for me and lead me inside as if I had just popped out of a limo in a Taylor-Swift-like ballgown. *Look mom, I'm a Princess!*
Fresh pink and white decor
I was a little bugged by the fact that I was invited only 4 days before the event and I was not included in the "media launch" which was the day before. It was almost as if I was an afterthought or I had just been banished to the riff raff room. We could invite a girlfriend to join us but none of mine were available on such short notice which dampened my mood even more. Never the less I was delighted to get an invite and was truly excited to be a part of this exciting new venture for such a great brand as I have always wanted to contribute to their online presence. I must admit, a lot of pressure was taken off my shoulders knowing that I wouldn't have to sit with a pen and notepad throughout the whole shindig.

The event was inspired by the notion "The Best of Both Worlds", simply meaning that they have a BB cream for us lighter ladies as well as a darker BB cream for African Ladies (and gents). The 'Chocolate' shade of BB cream was inspired by South Africans, specifically designed by South Africans for South Africans and that is the best of both worlds!
Top: Research Lady, Bottom Left: Michel Ingoglia, Bottom Right: Michelle Ponds Brand Manager
We were given presentations by Michelle, the Brand Manager of Ponds, the lady who was the head of research and development (completely forgot her name) who gave such an educational demo into skin behaviors and damage processes, and we also got a make up demo by the Oh-So-Fab, Michel Ingoglia who said quirky things like "Black don't crack" and who gave away some secret trends coming in from the US and the UK later in the year. He made us feel as if we were all at a pajama party, sharing stories and eating koekies from the Tuisnywerheid.

The food was delish and we got spoiled with white and dark Lindt chocolate (my fave!!) to give our tummies the best of both worlds as well.
Best-of-both-worlds party in my tummy!
Here are some more pikkies. I will be uploading my actual BB cream review soon!
High Tea Snacks
Image from Ponds on Facebook
My Nails and Outfit
Image from Ponds on Facebook
Miss Claira-Bella