Thursday, 18 April 2013

Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect Hand Creme Review

I often use the word “yummy” when describing beauty products. This doesn’t mean I do a taste test or pour them over my ice-cream (and neither should you), it’s just my way of expressing how indulgent and superior they are to other products that I have tired. 

Now that, that is cleared, let’s chat about the yummy products sally Hansen sent my way a few weeks ago. The infamous nail care brand has now got kick ass speed drying drops and an oxygen concentrated hand crème that moisturises and brightens your skin
Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect Hand Creme RSP R84.95. Available at selected Clicks, Foschini, Edgars, Dis-Chem and Pharmacies.
Let me start off by saying I love how they call it a “crème” instead of cream. It adds a dash of class and it’s a very simple way to get people to invest in a tube just for themselves (tisk tisk, small things). 

As with most products nowadays, there has to be some kind of bragging rights or new technological advances to their ingredients. I imagine a room full of brands shouting “mine is better than yours!” as if they are building sand castles in the playground sandpit. To be honest, I just want a cream that takes away the sand paper like feeling of dry hands and maybe smell like Ouma’s kitchen when she bakes. That’s it! 

I will still tell you what sally Hansen has to brag about because I try to be an informative blogger and some ladies really like the fancy schmancy substances they add into their products. The smooth and perfect hand crème has a super lightweight formula which instantly hydrates, brightens and revitalizes dull skin. It also has oxygen concentrate which, after asking my Physicist boyfriend, just means that it gives your skin a boost of O2 through oxygen rich compounds. Completely different to what I had pictured. In my mind they put oxygen into the crème similar to the process at the Coke factory, when bottling coke. *Awkward*

Now down to the reviewing part. Unfortunately I did not experience their 24 hour moisturising claim. I had to apply it every hour because my hands kept getting its roughness back. This can be due to the fact that my vampire colleagues always have the air-cons on at work, combined with the life sucking dry winter air. My skin will most definitely react differently to yours when wearing this creme. And yes, it does instantly moisturise your hands but which cream doesn't?

I am not too fond of the scent either. It smells too much like Ingrams Camphor lotion. However, if you're into that then bonus for you!

Overall it is a very lovely hand creme. I am not too bothered that I have to apply it often because I like taking mini pamper breaks when at work. 

I did notice that there is a COTY logo on the packaging but the interweb couldn't really help me find out why. I thought they only did celebs' fragrances. I'd love to find out if they just support the Sally Hansen brand of if they actually contribute to the formula. I'll get back to you if I find anything!

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