Monday, 22 April 2013

Yardley's Luxurious Lush Lashes Mascara Review

I'm not the type of beauty blogger who purposefully buys a mascara that has just been lunged into the market simply because it is new and I don't already own it. There is nothing wrong with doing that, I just cannot afford that tight little habit. 

The chances are, if I don't get sent a newly released mascara, I wont try it. Simple. This is because I try and use up the current mascaras I am using (I have been sent) before I go out and spend money. Usually by that time, a new mascara has landed on my doorstep to review and so the vicious cycle continues. I think I am the only beauty blogger that has never ever tried Maybelline's infamous Great Lash mascara.

Anyhoo, I am actually here to report that I have found a gem amongst the stones. Yardley's Luxurious Lush Lashes Mascara. I cannot emphasize enough, how well the formula works for my lashes. The formula spreads my lashes out really well and they do not go limp and fall flat once it dries.

The proof is in the pudding;
Left eye is before, right is after (with the mascara applied). I was in a rush so there is a little bit of clumping
See? Pretty, dark, fantasy-like lashes. Now this is a mascara I would repurchase when it's finished!
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What is your favourite mascara?