Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Rimmel London Hamper

One of my fave sites that I visit at least twice a day, is Beauty Bulletin! If you haven't heard about it or don't know what it's about then I suggest you check it out. It's a fun community of amazing ladies, who share beauty tips, great product reviews and general 'girly stuff'.

I recently won a Rimmel London hamper from Beauty Bulletin for the Scandal eyes review I did in May. The products I received in my hamper are really amazing! Here's what I got:
The Max Bold Curves Mascara (001 Black) - When I first got this mascara, it really agreed with my lashes. They fanned out so nicely and the formula was not sticky at all. However, I have found that after a month and a half, the mascara is starting to dry out and the formula has become very goo'ey. This makes my lashes stick together and 'fall down'. I do think the curved brush helps make your eyelashes fan out, the only downside is that it dries out faster that regular mascaras :( *bummer*
P.S. I did makes sure it was closed properly. It has one of those click-close features.
Glam'eyes HD Eye Shadow (001 Black Cab) - This eye shadow palette is so easy to use and is perfect for the smokey eye effect. The colours are really well pigmented and don't fade very easily. There is a very helpful illustration of how to apply the mascara to get the best HD effect, at the back of the packaging. I think this is the perfect compact for ladies who are new to achieving a smokey eye.

Five Nail Polishes - The colours I got were mostly metallic which is a pitty because winter is almost over and I wont really wear them in spring and summer (Pastels FTW). I will be doing a detailed review on each one at a later stage. (There are only four in the picture because I gave my mom one of them)

Two, Stay Glossy, Lipglosses - I really love these lipglosses. They aren't sticky or goopy when you apply it onto your lips. The colour match my skin tone really well and I love the subtle shimmer in them. Jewel in the crown is a pretty rosy pink with silver shimmer and Gold digger is a maroon colour with gold shimmer (I didn't put a thick layer of gold digger on my lips in the image above so it seems pink but it's a red/maroon colour).
As much as I love them I am disappointed in the "It lasts up to 6 hours" claim because it's bull-shit definitely not true. I have tested it in countless occasions and it really only lasts about 2 hours (if you don't drink, eat or lick your lips).

Colour show off lipstick (104, Kiss me) - This lipstick is a fantastically fun colour but it is really difficult to wear because it overpowers everything else on your body/face. I have applied it many times but I found myself taking it off because it looks really crappy with the other makeup or outfit I'm wearing. This obviously has nothing to do with the actual lipstick and rather my lipstick wearing skills. The formula is really creamy and when  I did wear it, it lasted about 4 hours. I think I will find myself reaching for this a lot this summer because bright colours are in!

Thanks so much to Beauty Bulletin and Rimmel for this amazing hamper! Follow them on Twitter and like their Facebook Page. I am also on Twitter and Facebook :)

Miss Claira-Bella



  1. I love using Rimmel nail polish and eyeshadows! beautiful hamper and I love the post :)

  2. wow! you got a bunch of goodies! i love all of the lip colors!


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