Wednesday, 12 September 2012

10 Day 'you' challenge - 4 Books

To be bluntly honest, I don't read books. I am more of an internet and magazine reader. I have read a few books but only because people just cannot stop talking about it (e.g. 50 shades of Grey *Bleh*) or have been reccomened to me by someone I know.

My favourite books have to be the Twilight Saga and I was really tempted to just list those as my four books (Twilight, Eclipse, New moon and Breaking dawn). I realised that wouldn't really reflect well on my intelligence level and might be interpreted as me being a Twilight freak. So I'll just say that I really enjoyed The Twilight Saga because they are way better than the movies. The End

My mom bought me a collectors edition of Hans Christian Anderson's Original Fairy Tales when I was 10 years old (In Denmark). I loved reading the fairytales, being so little, and still read them into my teen years. Now, much older, I am grateful to have it so I can one day read it to my kids :)
(Not actual book)
The Little Match Seller/Girl is my favourite short story in the fairytale book above. It is a very sad yet touching story. One of my favourites. (There are different versions, one called the little match girl and the little match seller.)
(Not actual book)
I think every little girl, at least once while growing up, has fantasized about having 'little people' living in their cupboard...Or is that just me? *Awkward smile*
Anyways, I really love The Borrowers (even the movie was good).