Thursday, 13 September 2012

10 Day 'you' challenge - 3 Movies

Fifth Element
(1997) Main Actors: Bruce Willis and  Milla Jovovich.

This is my number one favourite movie of all time...EVER! I was only 7/8 years old when I first saw it but ever since then, I have had a thing for robots and cool spaceship movies.

I think its because its an "In the future" movie and I firmly believe that one day, we will live like the people in this movie (not in our lifetime though).


Man on Fire (2004) Main Actors: Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning.

This is another one of my favourites. It is a really 'deep' movie and has a bit too much guts and gore for my liking but I love watching it.

There is a 100% chance that when I watch Man on Fire, I am in tears at the end of the movie...(Sad story)

You need to watch it!

Transformers (2007) Main Actors: Shia LeBeouf, Megan Fox and Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime.

I just love this movie! (The other 3 are also pretty awesome!) Awesome, kick ass, robot fighting.