Monday, 24 September 2012

In my sample basket - Dr.Hauschka

This week I will be reviewing my Dr.Hauschka Daily Revitalizing Eye Cream.
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"Daily Revitalising Eye Cream is composed of nourishing plant oils and medicinal herb extracts that care for and refresh the delicate eye contour area. Its lightweight formula is absorbed rapidly by the skin, meaning it can be used immediately before applying make-up.

It has been formulated to provide calming, soothing, and fortifying care to the skin around the eye area, therefore helping to prevent premature wrinkles and bringing welcome relief to the eyes." - Source

What I liked

I learned something new! One of the ingredients is marsh mallow which I got really excited about because I love marsh mallows!! After doing further research, I found out it is actually a plant called Althaea Officinalis, which is indigenous to Africa. It helps refresh and soothe skin and is more traditionally used for mouth and throat ulcers, and gastric ulcers (It also looks really pretty). In traditional Chinese medicine it is known to increases the flow of breast milk and soothes the bronchial tubes. Read more about the awesome 'marsh mallow' here.
Althaea Officinalis - Image source

What I disliked

The first time I applied this eye cream, my eyes felt irritated and itchy. I am not sure if I maybe got some inside my eye but it was really uncomfortable. I also hate it when I have to go searching for prices of a product. We Humans, are very lazy creatures, so if something isn't right in front of our eye's, we wont think twice about just passing right by, without a caring. None of the Dr.Hauschka products, on their website, have a price tag. Immediate "product turn-off".

Full size
I doubt I will purchase the full size because my skin doesn't feel as comfortable with this eye cream as it does with others (namely my Payot eye cream). I will be doing another few posts about Dr.Hauschka in the future beacuse I have more samples in my basket.

If you are interested in reading a bit more about Dr.Hauschka's products then visit Dr.Hauschka's website and Facebook Page.

Have you tried this eye cream? I would love to read what you thought, in the comments below.

Miss Claira-Bella