Tuesday, 25 September 2012

My Mr.P Delivery

I bought a few goodies on Mr.Price's new online store about three weeks ago, just to try out the whole Mr. Price online shopping experience. I didn't really need any new clothes but this girl loves to splurge so I browsed their online store and these two items caught my eye:

The number one thing I was impressed with, is that you can purchase on your Mr Price Money card. I was super excited because I have MRP money card with tons of credit on *Wink wink*.

I put my order through on a Sunday night. My order was confirmed on Monday and arrived at my door on Wednesday.
I must be honest, I was hoping to receive it on Monday (Some other ladies recieved their deliveries within 24 hours) or Tuesday. I suspect the reason was because they get many orders over the weekend so they have a bit of a backlog to get through.

Never the less, I was happy with my purchase, all the clothes fit and I now have two new items to add to my billowing closet. I did have concerns about returning items that do not fit or you dislike because it is probably a lengthy process. To my surprise, my order came with a return form, explaining what to do if you would like to return anything. Easy Peasy!

Thanks so much to Mr.Price for creating a fab online store. To visit the Mr.Price online store, click here.

Miss Claira-Bella



  1. My order took 2 days, but that was cause I paid via EFT. I had to return one item and I did that at a store and it was super easy with no questions asked. :)

  2. Your top is so cute. Never bought anything from their online store yet. I need to fit things on before purchasing.


    1. I was also a bit hesitant on buying things on their online store because I love trying clothes on before purchasing them. I have been buying Mr Price clothes for years now so I have an idea on what sizes will fit me :) Thanks for commenting!

  3. VERY pretty items :) I haven't been into a Mr P store in ages because it's always SO BUSY! I don't really like crowds and long queues :P


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