Thursday, 6 September 2012

Sh'zen helps you get healthy skin {Review}

Sh'Zen with PhytoExquisites Skin Tone Corrector
RSP R369 for 30ml
I recently had the pleasure of trying out another great product from Sh'zen. Their PhytoExquisites Skin Tone Corrector has been specially formulated to address the problems of the dark spots and blemishes that appear as we age.
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I have been applying this to my face for about 6 to 8 weeks and have been impressed with it's effectiveness. Unfortunately I did not see much change in the tone of my skin. It didn't help with pigmentation or dark spots. However I am really impressed at how it made my skin glow, not in an oily or sweaty kind of way. It kept my skin firm and helped with dry patches on my face. I also had a few red blotches on my forehead which have completely gone. (I forgot to take before and after pics :( *Bad blogger moment*)

So how does it actually work? Sh'zen uses a natural derivative of black tea that decreases skin roughness and increases its brightness and colour; and Sophora Root and Kiwi Fruit extracts that has been clinically proven to specifically target dark spots and uneven skin tone. These active ingredients are combined with Rose, Jasmine and Neroli essential oils. - Source

The serum is a tad 'runny' so be careful not to squirt too much out the pump, otherwise it ends up running down your arm (Yes I made that mistake *blush*). It also has a strange scent. With all the combined teas and plant extracts, it wont smell like perfume or fields of flowers. I don't mind though.

Overall I really love this natural product. I am glad that natural products have made a very strong stand in the competitive beauty industry

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