Saturday, 1 September 2012

Glambox and Rubybox join powerful beauty forces! (UPDATED)

"What do you get when three talented businesswomen meet? The most exciting collaboration of the year - rubybox and GlamBox are sharing the love and teaming up to bring you a bigger, better beauty offering!"

This might not be new news to some ladies but I thought I'd share it with you in case you missed any details. Glambox and Rubybox are merging in to one "super-awesome-kick-ass sample box"

Here is what will happen:
  • As of today(1 September'12) Glambox will be a thing of the past. The ladies already signed up to Rubybox, nothing will change for you. For the Glambox girls, you need to note the following:
  • You will continue to receive your monthly beauty box. The monthly cost stays the same (R100) and all payments will be handled by Rubybox.
  • Your existing user information (email, delivery details & any instructions, subscription information and Points) has been transferred. However, you will need to update your password.
  • All accumulated GlamPoints will be carried across and will reflect in your personal account in the next week.
  • Unfortunately they could not transfer your beauty profile. In order for them to customise your boxes to suit your beauty needs, please update this as soon as possible.
  • Visit this webpage for any details I may have left out

Time for some tough love!

Anyone that has either purchased sample boxes or have compared the different boxes online, will know that Rubybox was the weakest of the 3 sample box companies in South Africa (Glossybox, Glambox and Rubybox). I was only ever subscribed to Rubybox and after my 3 month subscription, honestly, I really regretted not signing up for Glambox instead. I received a Glambox earlier in the year and found they seemed to have better service, better samples and overall, a better box, so please don't call me a horrid bitch person for what I'm about to say. I am sad that there will be more Rubybox than Glambox in this merger.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still stoked that they are joining forces and do not doubt that the new sample boxes have the potential to be on the same level as Glossybox, I just cant help but wonder why they didn't stay more Glam and less Ruby. There are obviously many business related issues when going into a merger like this (which I have no clue about).You have so many established "clients" already and with a big change like this, there is always a big chance of losing them.

I, as the "public", think it would have been better to start off with a new name, brand, logo and the whole shenanigans that go with mergers. This would eliminate the chance of people choosing sides, just like I am right now.

I'm glad they have merged and I can't wait to see what the new box will be like. I think this is a really good move on Rubybox's part and wish the "new Rubybox" all the best of success. I will be keeping an eye out, on the boxes, over the next few months and do an update for you gals.

The Glambox website is no more but if you would like to contact them you can do so on 076 886 2636 or email
The new revamped Rubybox website is where you can place your order and find the necessary info on the sample boxes. Any questiond directed at the "new Rubybox" can be done so via

Miss Claira-Bella



So as promised, I am back for an update on the "New Rubybox". Seeing as I don't subscribe to the sample boxes myself, I have relied on my fellow beauty bloggers to tell you how they fell about the new colab.

"I must admit I was expecting a "WOW" box, you know the two is better then one type thing. But I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed. This might have been cause I was expecting too much, but either way I was left wanting just a little bit more." - Lipgloss Kisses

This is one of the combination of products that you might have received if you ordered the September Rubybox
View more by clicking this link.

View Gee Whiskers' post on Glossybox, so you have something to compare it to.

Will update this post again when more reviews are available :)