Tuesday, 4 September 2012

10 Day 'you' challenge - 10 Secrets

If you're an avid beauty blog reader you might have seen a few posts on a "10 day 'you' challenge". It's a fun way for us bloggers to let you know who we are as people *Shocked voices* (Yes we are people too), and let our walls down to show that we're pretty cool people if you get to know us. Visit Whimsy is forever, Gee whiskers and Lipgloss kisses to check out their 10 day 'you' challenge.

Ten Secrets

I wouldn't really call these secrets but rather 'things you probably didn't know about me'.

1) I love needles! Not in a freaky "I have the potential to be a drug addict" kinda way, most people just freak out when they donate blood or even see a needle in close range, me, not so much.

2) Because I like needles, I have gotten a few piercing's along the past few years. I have 8 piercings in total. I'll leave you wondering where though ;) I'd love to get a tattoo one day, once I find the right design (It's difficult choosing something that will be with you for the rest of your life).

3) I love babies and kids. Being the 2nd youngest of my siblings, I love being around little ones.

4) The feeling of dry lips or hands makes me want to cry/scream – occasionally, depending on how bad, I might do both at the same time. It gives me the same feeling that you get when you scratch your nails down a chalk board. *Shrieks in agony* *10 million goosebumps*

5) I had really bad hormonal acne and was on roaccutane for 4 months this year. I had really tried everything to get rid of it. Eventually my face was scarring so badly, drastic measures had to be taken. I know many ladies do not agree with my decision and often tell me "There are more natural ways to cure hormonal acne", I just couldn't wait to test out all these ailments because it was permanently damaging my face. I still  have scarring and pigmentation but it is 90% better than it was. (I will do a full post on this topic soon)

6) I am an internet addict, specifically social networks. I have virtual accounts on soo many networks it's crazy. It's not so much being part of them because I guess that’s just a given these days, it's that I don't really use them.....ever. I'll sign up just for the sake of signing up!! An then I constantly receive spam and newsletters (and never unsubscribe)....I think I have a problem......

7) I am crazy self-conscious about my ears. They stick out quite a lot and I was constantly teased at primary school and even High school, so I grew a major complex. Over my later teen years, I started accepting the fact that there’s nothing I can do, its just genetics :)

8) I didn't own a pair of sunglasses till about 3 weeks ago when my boyfriend's aunt gave me hers. *Shocker*

9) I wanted to be a vet when I was in high school but my marks were never good enough. I'm thankful though because I really don't think my heart would have been able to take the pain and loss of hurt animals :(

10) I hate, hate, hate cooked fruit. Apple pie = the worst, Hawaiian pizza = bleh, fried tomato to finish off your bacon and egg breakfast = gross!

Look out for tomorrow's FYI's :)