Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Sally Hansen - Strawberry Icing

Sally Hansen's Strawberry Icing is one of the nail polishes I won in my BB hamper. It was my favourite of all the polishes so I put in on my nails the day I opened my hamper *Eager beaver*.

I just love the name "Strawberry Icing", it makes me all giddy inside. The name suites the colour so well. It is a very pretty "My little pony" kind of pink with tiny silver micro glitters inside.

Sally Hansen products are very well know for quality and durability. This polish is not sticky or tacky and is so simple to apply. It has a really long stem to the applicator which makes it really easy to see your nail when you're applying the polish. The bristles are really soft and easy to move to where you want them to go, which is a dream when applying the polish to your cuticle area and the sides of your nails.

Here is what the polish looked like after 5 days:
There is a little bit of fading at the tips of my nails but other than that, my manicure was still wear-able for another day or two. (I took the polish off after 5 days because I wanted to try another colour)

I am really enjoying this polish and will continue to wear it throughout summer.
Seeing as I didn't buy this polish, I'm sure about the price but you can pop into Dis-chem and check out their Sally Hansen stands.

Miss Claira-Bella



  1. I agree, this nail polish is VERY long lasting. Love the colour so much :) Beautiful post!

  2. Gorgeous colour. I haven't used Sally Hansen before but I've heard it's great. It's also available at Clicks.



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