Friday, 14 September 2012

Essence stay all day concealer {Review}

I received a Clicks gift voucher for my birthday last month and decided to pick up some Essence products. One of the products was their Stay all day concealer. It's not new to ladies, that Essence is one of the "cheaper" cosmetics companies out there so I thought I'd share my thoughts on this concealer and let you know if it's cheap for a reason.

Product claims: Covers under eye shadows and skin imperfections. Lasts 16 hours.

I chose 'soft beige' (20) as my skin is quite fair. This is what the before and after looks like when applying the concealer to the dark bags under my eyes.
Before vs After
As you can see, you can still see my freckles and a little bit of "blue-ness" in the inner corner of my eye. I actually prefer this because it still gives a natural look. I imagine a BB cream would be perfect for my dark circles (Can't wait for my Garnier BB cream). I'm not really looking for something to hide all my imperfections but rather lighten the dark patches, which this concealer does perfectly. 

It has a really easy applicator that reminds me of the Tinkerbell lipglosses I used to wear when I was younger. I was quite impressed with how long it lasted. It didn't fade very easily and kept my dark circles hidden. I also applied a tiny bit to my eyelid to give a nice base for my eye shadow to stick to. I don't need my makeup to last 16 hours so I didn't really test this claim.

Overall I really like this concealer. I think its very affordable at R29.95 each and works really well for my eyes. I definitely recommend this to ladies who are looking for a light concealer. 

Miss Claira-Bella