Friday, 7 September 2012

10 Day 'you' challenge - 7 Wants

7 Wants

My first car - I have had my license for a while now but don't have my own car. I'd really love to get one soon.
To be fit and in shape - I don't do nearly as much healthy eating and exercise as I should so I don't carry my ideal weight. I just keep telling myself "Get that shit under control", and it actually works in motivating me :)
To finally find a career and be really successful in it - I have done my first year in a Bcom Economics degree but find that it isn't really what I want to do as a career. Hopefully I will find a suitable career path soon and be amazing at it.
A Cat - Most people know that I'm cat crazy but I don't actually have any :( The complex we stay in does not allow us to keep pets but I really want to sneak one in ;)
No more animal cruelty - 'Nuff said!
To travel the world - Travelling has always been one of my dreams. I'd like to travel a lot, while I'm still young.
Have a white Christmas - I experienced a white Christmas when I was ten years old. We were in Denmark for the holidays and it was such an amazing experience for me. It's exactly like in the movies. I would love to have many more!

Look our for my 6 places, on Monday :)