Monday, 15 April 2013

Live Healthy: Alternatives

We all get the urge to just grab a cold coke out the fridge or snack on the chips and dip in the cupboard. No brainer, that kind of food is not really doing you any good but from some recent enlightenment, I have found some pretty tasty alternatives to the snacks you probably cannot live without! I am also sharing them with you so that you keep me around a little longer ;)

My number one weakness is sugar! I love snacking on Chocolate and gummy sweets that have ridiculous amounts of sugar and corn syrup. If you're looking for a chocolaty snack that wont make you feel so bad then try Canderel's low kilojoule chocolate range.
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"These luxurious, creamy chocolates are suitable for Diabetics, have lower kilojoules/carbohydrates and no added sugar. They are the perfect indulgence without the guilt." - Canderel

If you're not so much of a chocolate fan (Yes, you do get those foreign creatures) but still need that sweet taste in your mouth then try some dried fruit. My favourite sweet fruit snack would be guava rolls which are made by numerous food brands. They are full of fantastic ingredients that might not aid in weight loss but can actually help in other health departments like keeping you "regular" and giving you extra boosts of energy. The most well known would be Safari Fruit Snacks.

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Raw Veggies can also be eaten in huge quantities during the day. I once read an article where some fancy schmancy University did a study and found that eating can actually be a habit/addiction all on its own. The fact that we might be addicted to having food in our mouth at all times can become a health issue. Tricking your brain into eating raw veggies in between meals can be a step in the right direction
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Lastly, I sometimes get major cravings for rich foods like cheese and hi-carb breads. My alternative is Salticrax and low fat plain cream cheese! Again, It wont help lose weigh but snacking on one or two a week will lessen the risk of binge eating.
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Please feel free to comment on your healthy alternatives and I'll give them a try!

Miss Claira-Bella