Friday, 4 May 2012

April Favourites

My April Favourites
Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit facewash - I received this in a prize i won through Dischem Pharmacies (Blog post coming soon) and have done a review on Beauty Bulletin. Click here so check it out (Please give it a thumbs up if you liked it). You can buy your own at any retailer for R60 - R70.

Home made coffee milkshake - I have had a lot of late nights studying and got sick of having normal coffee (I'm not a 'warm beverage' person) so decided to make coffee milkshakes instead. Vanilla ice-cream and instant coffee, measured with the eye, mixed together in a blender. If the ice-cream is too solid/tough then add milk. If you're worried about the calories then use fat free/low fat ice-cream. Super easy and really delicious!

Black Boots (No name brand) - I bought these boots about 3 years ago at Shoeperama for R250 and haven't really worn them a lot because i don't wear heels that often. I decided to wear them a few days in April and found them surprisingly comfortable! I'm happy i have them because black boots are a winter must have and it doesn't hurt to give your 'Bum' a lil' lift! Planning on wearing them throughout winter.

Baybliss Pro2000 Hairdryer - My boyfriend bought this for me as a birthday present last year and I LOVE using it! It comes with two heat settings as well two speed controls which makes styling my hair simple. It also has a Iconic/Ceramic combination which eliminates static electricity and frizz and leaves tame, shiny, manageable hair. You can find Baybliss at any Clicks stores.

Octopus Flash Drive - Another thing my boyfriend got me (...I just realized i'm quite spoiled...) was an insanely cute Octopus flash drive. Its an 8GB flash drive that is waterproof and has a protective casing (the body) so if you drop it, it will just bounce instead of damage the flash stick. The most common reaction i have gotten from people when they see it is "Awww, Cute pig"...So please let me know if you think it looks more like a pig or an Octopus because it has been bugging me.
It has a magnet on its mouth so you can stick it to your fridge or side of your PC. You also get them in blue, so if you have a pair, you can put the magnets together and it looks like they're kissing. LOVE IT!!
You can buy your own at, they have a 4GB and an 8GB! It also comes with a lifetime warranty #BONUS!

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Miss Claira-Bella