Friday, 11 May 2012

VO5 Product Review

I received a stunning VO5 hamper from Seventeen magazine last month 
and I'm here to report back on how the products worked on my hair :)

My VO5 Products

Sheer Vitality Elixir Shampoo & Conditioner

Sheer Vitality Elixir Shampoo & Conditioner
I have done a review on Beauty Bulletin on these two products, (Shampoo, Conditioner) have a look and please give it a thumbs up if you like it :)

3 Minute Treatment & Anti Frizz Creme

3 Minute treatment & Anti Frizz creme
After using the 3 minute treatment, my hair felt a lot lighter and had more volume. My hair looked shinier (in a good way, not oily) and healthier. Great treatment!

I am in love with this Anti Frizz creme! It works like a bomb! My hair is way more manageable and and stays manageable until my next wash. I have noticed, however, that my hair gets oily a lot quicker. I think its because I play with my hair more (because it feels amazing!) and the oil from my hands (from lotions etc) gets onto my hair.

Here is a photo of what my hair looks like once I've washed it with the Elixir Shampoo & Conditioner, applied the Anti Frizz creme and then blow dried it straight. Love it!!

Me and my "V-Oh-5 hair"

Weather Resistant Styling Mousse

Mega Hold Styling Mousse
I have only used this mousse once and was impressed with the results. It is 24 hour humidity/ weather resistant which is always great to have. My hair goes crazy as soon as it rains!

I applied it to my damp hair before blow drying when it was raining outside, just to test it out. It worked really well as my hair didn't frizz nearly as much as it usually does in the rainy weather. The one thing I didn't like was that it did leave my hair feeling a little "Grassy" and not as soft. Still a great product to have in your hair care collection.

Common hair myths

Washing your hair every day makes it greasy?
False: An over active sebaceous hair gland makes your hair greasy, not how frequently you wash your hair.

Expensive shampoos are better than cheap ones?
False: Cheaper shampoos can be just as good as their more expensive rivals.

Washing greasy hair thoroughly removes grease?
False: Wash your hair in a gentle motion, as vigorous washing stimulates the sebaceous glands which produce more oil.

You should change your shampoo regularly to ensure it works?
False: Your hair cannot get used to anything. If everything stays the same, then your hair will continue to be the same. The effectiveness of your shampoo or conditioner can depend on changes in habit i.e. more heat styling used; changes in diet or stress levels which could affect your scalp.

Conditioners just coat your hair?
False: It depends on the hair type. On fine hair it can get coated if you’re using a very heavy conditioner but most other hair types would not be coated by a conditioner.

Washing your hair every day dries it out?
True: It depends on your hair texture, but it is advised not to wash your hair everyday unless you have to.

Eating a healthy diet makes your hair look healthier?
True: A balanced healthy diet with more Amino acids and Omega oils will help your hair look and feel healthier.

Being a vegetarian affects your hair?
True: It can do and for some people missing out on the correct proteins and irons from meat can lead your hair to be dry and thinning out. Fish oils are the best thing for your hair.

Pulling out a grey hair will be replaced by three more?
False: You have one hair to each follicle which means only one hair will come back in its place.

You can find all VO5 products at your nearest retailer (Clicks, Pick'nPay .etc). View their website for all their products and more hair advice.
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  1. Loved all the common Hair Myths and your hair looks great! :)

    1. Thanks! VO5 has a great website with all the myths on :)


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