Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Dirty talk is bad for your health!

I have just started a new job where I have my own desk, previously owned by someone else (probably a big guy called 'Frikkie') and riddled with their nasty germs. To think that their mouth was so close to the exact phone I am now using, just sends chills down my spine. Thank the techno gods I was blessed with a pack of Wireless Wipes in my LadyBloggers goodie bag. Now I can peacefully work without thinking about where Frikkies' hands have been.

I really love the concept of having wipes specifically for cell phones, iPad's and other 'wireless' devices. We take them everywhere with us so why should we think that they don't get just as infected with germs as our hands do (before we wash them). 

People have started catching on to the fact that normal wet wipes will not do the job and they are not really compatible for your screens. The highly absorbent alcohol based wipes are safe to use on all mobile screens and does not leave streaks or wet marks on your screen. I also love the fact that as soon as you swipe the wipe across your device, it dries in 2 seconds so there's no waiting for things to dry before using your phone.

I love them so much that I only have one wipe left in my pack after disinfecting my whole desk over the past week and a half. *Sad times*

Is this the first time you're hearing about Wireless Wipes? Visit their website for more information and to read up on some germ facts. And remember, Dirty talk is bad for your health!

Miss Claira-Bella


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