Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Live Healthy: Update #1

How do I always forget to do these posts? *slap self in face*. Here I am for a quick update on my living healthy new years resolution and to let you know how I've been doing.

So firstly, there was a self pity period of about 3 weeks where I had lost all hope and motivation, saying things like; "whats the point" and "who am I fooling, I cant really do this!". I then started follow some health bloggers (mostly international) on Twitter and their daily tweets really helped me see that I'm not alone and I should just suck it up and do this thing. Thank goodness!

Secondly, I joined a gym. You know, those big scary ones where everyone else is about 20x fitter than you are and there are these gigantically intimidating machines that you'll probably never use? Yeah, one of those (I'm not trying to advertise so I wont mention the name). The reason for joining is that I felt the need for a more serious approach to living healthy. I can talk for hours about how I plan on changing my lifestyle, eating habits and exercise habits but at the end of the day I am just telling myself these things so that I sleep better at night.

Signing a 12 month contract is something that will kick me in the arse and will force me to go. Funny thing is, its only been a week and I really love it! Having all the fitness gym energizer bunnies around me motivates me to run that 5 min extra on the treadmill or do just 3 more lifts so that I can prove that I "belong" there with them and hopefully I get accepted into their 'gym pack'. Is my mindset a little too dramatic?

All the equipment I bought in my "home workout" efforts will still be used. I am starting to do stress relieving yoga routines, on my yoga mat, when I get home, as well as doing stretch positions to help my aching muscles to heal a little faster. The 2kg and 5 kg weights will probably used for endless dead-lifts when I'm bored, which apparently really work. I have not seen the benefits as of yet.

I am giving myself some time to get used to a healthy exercise routine and from there I will try a stricter eating plan where I cut out unhealthy fats, sugars and other toxins my body can do without.

Keep your eye on this space as I will be doing a "Healthy Alternatives" post later int the week!

Miss Claira-Bella


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