Monday, 18 March 2013

#LadyBloggers JHB Dinner

Two weeks ago, a bunch of eager bloggers got together to chat about bloggy things and mingle with like-minded ladies who are just as passionate about blogging each other. This was the second LadyBlogger event I attended but the first with a formal type setting and agenda. The fabulous Zaahirah from Complete Disbelief pulled it all together perfectly from the venue (Moemas in Parktown North), guest list and topics of discussion, right down to prizes and goodie bags! Also, high five to her awesome boyfriend that played doorman and her helping hand with all the setting up!

We all received badges that related to the age of our blog. I was a Toddler because my lil' ol blog is under 18 months old. I loved this concept because it gave us bloggers a chance to mingle with our ‘own kind’ as well as get tips from the “Teen” and “Adult” bloggers who we should look up to and get advice from. 

While we sipped on our Bos welcome drinks we went around the table and all introduced ourselves. Once the starter platters were served, we got right to sharing our opinions on Advertising, sponsored posts and getting free stuff. At times the opinions got quite heated but it was fantastic!! Hearing the range of opinions from the different bloggers made me realise that I have such an amazing thing in my life. To have a blog where I can share my opinions, get to know amazing people and also get to work with amazing brands. I seriously would never have met so many diverse people on Twitter and get to interact with my incredible readers on a daily basis. 

I also listened to the opinions with big ears as every one’s input was valuable. Meeting Chantelle from Not Another Poppie and Tammy (on Twitter) was also a highlight to my evening. I read Chantelle's blog numerous times a week and to see that she is exactly the same in person that she is on her blog, honest with a “vat nie kak nie” attitude, was really refreshing! Tammy and I got to know each other over Twitter and she is the sweetest chick you will ever meet. In person, when you look at her, you’re just in awe at her personality (Keep an eye out for her blog, launching soon). I also found some familiar faces in the crowd. Wisaal and Tash, from the previous blogger get together were also there. Follow me on Twitter to see who else I got to meet on the night. 

The mains and desert were delicious and I got to try out my very first macron (ever) made by the very talented pastry chef and owner of Moemas!

All LadyBloggers got spoiled with goodie bags which contained tons of vouchers, a pack of wireless wipes, some beauty samples and yummy cocktails from Original Cocktails.

Thanks so much to the very busy and talented Zaahirah. You need an award for pulling off such an amazing event and hopefully I can save up and come with you to the Cape Town even. I’d love to meet more amazing personalities (and Charlene from Geewhiskers).

Follow #Ladybloggers on Twitter and pop over to the website to see when there will be a meet-up in your city!

Miss Claira-Bella