Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Fun, funky, fimo nail art sticks! PART I

Way before I started blogging, I was so intrigued by nail art, polishes and trends that I spent hours everyday searching for designs and tools to make my own home nail art kit. One of the things I stumbled upon and was most absorbed with was Fimo Canes. Fimo is a type of polymer clay that is used by artists to create all sorts of jewelry  accessories, sculptures and other clay projects. It comes in all sorts of colours and finishes and once it's baked, it hardens and can be sliced, cut and painted depending on how you want to use it. Don’t ask me how they get such detail into such tiny sticks but I am truly amazed. They are very small measuring only about 5cm each and they're smaller than the palm of my hand.
Images from Google
I drove my boyfriend so crazy, continuously talking about them, showing him pictures and generally just going silly, that he ordered them from amazon as a gift! *Best BF in the world* 

Once I received them I was always on my laptop busy YouTubing Fimo cane storage ideas, proper cutting techniques and of course, nail art tutorials. It was only until then that I realized how difficult it was to pull off the fimo cane nail art look, something that I’m still trying to master almost a year later. Luckily the nail art slices still look pretty, even if you don’t have the technique quite right.

Images from Google
I love this unique way that you can get detailed decals on your nails that don’t look hand painted or trashy. These fimo slices are also so versatile. A single slice on your nail looks really sophisticated yet it adds a little bit of playfulness and bunch a few together on one nail and you will catch every ones attention

Check back tomorrow for Part II where I share my fimo cane collection with you! 

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Do you want to your own Fimo Cane Collection?

Miss Claira-Bella



  1. I'm into Nail Art as well, and I've seen them on the internet. But why we don't have them here?! :( They look amazing, I love the rainbow theme.

    1. I know how frustrated you are. I searched EVERYWHERE before giving up. There is definitely a market for them here in SA :)


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