Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Wakaberry - A fun experience!

For a while now, I have been very envious of the bloggers istagrammin' pictures of their delicious-looking Wakaberry Frozen Yougurt and when I spotted a Wakaberry store in The Grove Mall earlier this year, I nearly screeched in excitement. Everything about the store pute me in a happy mood. The product, the look and feel the vibe, I love everything about it! This weekend I finally got to experience the awesome that is Wakaberry, thanks to their voucher in our LadyBlooggers goodie bags, and it was surprisingly not at all what I expected.

So upon arrival I had to fight all the frantically hyper kids that were hogging the store, just to get inside.  Once inside I was very confused as to what I was looking at, self help machines along the wall, something like the self help ticket machines at NuMetro. Do I order my ingredients on a PC and then they make it for me? or do I order via a voice ordering system? (It was super packed so I could really see anything). I decided to follow the empty handed people like a sheep so that I could see how exactly this thing was done (my boyfriend was also with me).

When I saw the "soft serve style" frozen yogurt dispensers, it finally hit me in the face like a wet fish. "Ooooh" I said loudly to my boyfriend and it all just made sense. You pick up a Wakaberry tub and you fill your tub with the flavour/s that you want at each of these self help machines, you add your toppings and the "toppings buffet counter" and you take it to the counter to get weighed. They charge you R11 per 100g so you only pay for what you want which is another thing I love about Wakaberry!

My Boyfriend helped himself to the Vanilla and Condensed milk flavours and packed tons of fruit on top. He was so consumed by the taste, it was like he was in a food trance! I opted for the Mixed Berries and Green apple flavour topped off with jelly beans. The jelly beans wasn't such a good Idea because the frozen and almost broke my teeth when I bit on them *lesson learnt*. We couldn't sit at the Wakaberry tables because it was so busy but we did have fun window shopping while we enjoyed the frozen yogurt.

You dont have to only have two flavours, you can have a bit of every single one and you can add as many toppings as you want. Like I said, you pay for what you take. Our Total came to R66 which is not bad at all seeing as you have such an amazing experience whilst getting to munch on yummy frozen yougurt.

Now that I know that Wakaberry isn't just a store, its an experience, I will definitely be going as my purse allows. I am also thinking of having an awesome candy-land inspired birthday party this year at Wakaberry (even though its mostly only catered for kiddies *forever young*). My friends would love it!

You can follow Wakaberry on Twitter and like their Facebook page. Also, visit their website to find out more about their concept. You can also follow me on Twitter and like my Facebook Page.

Thanks to Wakaberry for my voucher and for offering such an amazing service!

Share your  awesome Wakaberry experiences in the comments below.

Miss Claira-Bella



  1. My first experience at Wakaberry was completely different :) I had no toppings and only tried two flavours. But on the day I went they had horrible flavours. Ha, ha.

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    2. Did you go to the Wakaberry at The Grove? I love all the flavours :)


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