Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Make your KONY 2012 T-shirt

I just received an email today from Invisible Children informing me that they have restocked all their KONY 2012 T-shirts. You can order yours here, but in the meantime i made my own! If you'd like to do the same, its really easy, follow the steps bellow.

Step 1

Step #1- Prepare your area with newspaper so that paint doesn't damage your surface. You will also need to put a few pieces of newspaper inside your T-shirt so that the paint doesn't transfer onto the back. Then place your stencil in the appropriate place (Girls try to put it on your stomach area because the image distorts if you place it over the bust area). You can either use your hand to keep the stencil in place or you can use tape - I used my hand.

Step 2

Step #2 - Paint the Areas of the stencil that show the T-shirt. You really don't need to be neat while doing this. Make sure you paint a thick enough layer onto your T-shirt. If you'd like you can do two layers, just make sure the first layer is dry before applying the next. Pull off your stencil when its still wet otherwise the paper will stick to your T-shirt.

Step 3

Step #3 - Ta Da! Your shirt is done. Read the information on your fabric paint container on how long you should allow the paint to dry and if they don't specify, a safe time to let it dry is 24 hours. Sometimes you will also be required to iron your design, once its dry, so the paint can set. Dont remove the newspaper in the t-shirt before its dry, otherwise the wet paint will transfer to the back. You can do your KONY 2012 T-shirt with spray paint if its easier for you.

Please share your T-Shirt creations with me on twitter @MsClairaBella or on my Facebook Page.

Dont know why I'm making this random T-shirt? Then fill yourself in by reading my blog posts about KONY 2012.

How will you be taking part in Cover The Night on the 20th April 2012?

Miss Claira-Bella


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