Thursday, 12 April 2012

Minnie Mouse Nail Art!

Try this super cute and easy Minnie Mouse Nail Art design. The Cutepolish Tutorial Video is below.

You will need: A base coat, Red nail polish, White nail polish or acrylic paint, Black nail polish or acrylic paint, a dotting tool and a Top coat. 
This is what i used:

I received a Nail art brush kit (With dotting tools) as a gift last year but if you're wondering where to get your own you can order it online at Want It You can also find dotting tools at a few nail salons or you can make your own by following the Cutepolish video instructions below.

The look, on my nails: 
My Minnie Mouse Nails

Remember you can add your own design to it as well and don't need to do it exactly like the video (Like my pink dots on the bows). If you struggle to paint your right hand then rather stick to one bow on each hand (On your ring finger) and leave the rest as plain polka dots.
Minnie mouse Nail art tutorial by Cutepolish on YouTube

How to make your own dotting tool by Cutepolish on YouTube

I hope you enjoyed this easy nail art post and let me know if i should do more :) Share your Minnie Mouse nail art with me on twitter @MsClairaBella or on my Facebook Page.

Miss Claira-Bella



  1. Wow! So beautiful! You definitely have a great talent with nail art. I am not steady enough with my left hand :P Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great job! I wish I had a talent for this like you do. :)

  3. Your nails look amazing!! :) Xx

  4. love it love it love it


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